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“from the very beginning we found that Nate was everything we would want from a custom home builder. He offered many different options whenever we were deciding on layout, structure and design, plus added his opinion on ways that would make our home the best in function and livability. Nate was very prompt at calling back. He worked well with his subs and kept them on a very tight schedule to finish our home in a timely manner. His subs talked quite highly about him to us when he wasn't around and told us we had chosen a very good builder. Nate takes his work seriously and is very interested in the details of doing it right. ”

- Matthew and Stacie - Homeowner
“Building our home was a most pleasant experience for both my husband and I... We honestly feel that Nate builds one of the best houses we have ever seen... and we looked at a lot of homes before deciding to allow Nate to be our builder. He is a man of his word, and the building of our home was a fun, exciting, and enjoyable experience... plus we are the winners and live in a marvelous home! ”

- Carl and Joyce - Homeowner
“We absolutely love our home, which was built by Lighthouse Custom Homes in 2011. Initially, we chose Lighthouse because they offered the home we wanted at a competitive price, but the thing that ended up impressing us the most was the service. When building a home, communication between the owner and the builder is critical to ensuring things go as planned. Throughout the process, the general contractor, Nate Brusik, was always available to answer our questions and make sure we got what we wanted. Occasionally, we texted or called him late at night to deal with an issue we had, and he would respond within minutes. ”

- The Taylors - Homeowner
“Nate Brusik is an extremely professional and conscientious contractor who we would highly recommend to anyone looking to build a home. Since we bought our home from a speculator, we did not have the pleasure to work with Nate during the construction, but we have been pleasantly surprised that Nate is always so willing to talk to us and answer any of our questions about the house, even several years after the fact. Clearly, Nate takes a lot of pride in his work. And more importantly, Nate does an excellent job. We have been pleased to see that only the highest quality of workmanship went into the building of our home.”

- Brent and Rachel - Homeowner

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